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*Pre-release imagery, may change before final release.

What is Bottom of the 9th?


On the tabletop:

Bottom of the 9th is a fast paced dice and card game that captures the timeless spirit of baseball in a head-to-head competition between an ace pitcher and a star-studded batting line-up. Challenge yourself or a friend to the spills and thrills of America’s classic pastime. Read more about the game and its forthcoming expansion at


Coming to your phone:

Handelabra Games is excited to bring the tabletop hit from Greater Than Games and Dice Hate Me Games to iOS and Android phones! There will be more info coming soon, so join our mailing list to be notified when we throw out the first pitch!


Watch it played:

*Pre-release imagery, may change before final release.

*Pre-release imagery, may change before final release.

Watch the team make the game!

We host Bottom of the 9th Dev streams every couple weeks live on our Twitch Channel. You can also catch up on YouTube.

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